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About King Tide

After towing the boat to the Keys from Savannah, Georgia for a few years, I decided to try the Stuart-Jupiter area for a vacation fishing trip in 2012. My love of all things coastal and a desire to live in this area got under my skin.  One year later, I made the move to Hobe Sound, Florida. No job, no plan … just knew it felt right.

  I’m a professional artist/graphic designer by trade and have acquired many skills over the years.  Check out to see a few of the things that I can do like fine art, custom portraits and boat wraps. It is always rewarding to create something from nothing and make someone happy with it.

 It was difficult, however, to start fresh with a new client base and I definitely did not want to go back to a 9-5 life.

 In the fall of 2015, I realized that there was potential in one of my previously designed projects:  a nautical chart shirt.

 With the advent of superior quality and detail available by the dye-sublimation process, I knew I could produce incredible high definition art for different types of apparel.  I put some serious time into a really sweet logo, designed a unique chart, and off I went.

 And this, my friends, is how King Tide was born.


I will say that without family, life is difficult.  The love and support they have given me has always been my biggest blessing.  The simple things in life make all the difference.


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